Wolf Of Wall Street And Goodfellas Analysis

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Martin Scorsese is a famous hollywood producer and director that makes real life stories into blockbuster films. His biggest films The Wolf of Wall Street and Goodfellas share the same kind of story even though they are both based on true stories about different people with different backgrounds. Both the stories share how the main character is a success driven individual that strives and achieves a life of excess and the feeling of being invincible. Scorsese uses the same kind of pause stop directing in both stories which makes both films alike but so unique. As both stories prevail we soon learn that both of the main characters cannot escape the law and eventually are outrun by the “feds.” Although we see similarities in both films, The Wolf of Wall Street has an engaging plot, directing, and a taste of the American Dream. The Wolf of Wall Street is a true story about a man named Jordan Belfort from Queens, New York. In the movie it shows Belfort, Leonardo DiCaprio, getting off a bus heading to his first day on Wall Street. Belfort ends up starting his job on Wall Street on the day the market closed in 1989. He went to work for a small firm that sold only penny stocks on Long Island and soon learns that they make 50% commision off of penny sheets instead of making 1% off of blue chip stock. Belfort and some of his buddies…show more content…
Hill lived across the street from Italian Mobsters and soon got a part time job parking cars for the gangsters at 15 years old. Hill eventually dropped out of school and started doing jobs with the mobsters and soon became one of the biggest gangsters in New York. Hill eventually gets arrested and faced a life sentence but escapes his sentence by ratting out the mobsters he worked with. At the end of the movie, Hill gets put into the Witness Protection Program to protect his
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