The Woman Gloria Vaz Analysis

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I 'm surprised that as much work that is put into the family inside and outside of the home, women still were not seen as good enough. " 'In fact sometimes as soon as I would get home, he would go out... to hang out with his friends and, I found out later, he had other women" ' (Collins 27). It actually broke my heart to read about this sentence. The woman, Gloria Vaz, was an African-American mother with four children, lived in Brooklyn and yeah from nine to five. On top of that work schedule her husband still expected to come home and do the chores that were expected of someone who did not work. It was very shocking to read that her husband would just leave; whereas most husbands would want to see their wives after working all day. "While they both works full-time, "it was just assumed I did all the cooking, all the cleaning, all the baking, all the clothes shopping. He didn 't even buy his own underwear... Over the years there was a lot of resentment" ' (Collins 27). I wonder how in the world did this man survive? Seriously, underwear? That is a good wife right there, doing that task. It absolutely baffled me reading that men can do all of this and all of that yet, when it comes to buying clothing essentials, they are incapable. It makes me question whether or not they are able to brush their own hair. I wonder when the wearing of heels everyday…show more content…
I think times are different compared to back then. Both good and bad. For example there were some women in the 1960 's who wanted to go to college. Today many women want to go to college. They just went for different reasons. "Lillian Andrew 's daughter, Pam, always planned to go to college, "but I was going to college to find a husband" ' (Collins 35). Today women are eager to go to college so that they can learn, expand their knowledge, and have that drive to be successful. I do understand that women back then were a lot more dependent on men but I find it interesting that the only motive to go was to
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