The Woman In Wordsworth

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Wordsworth has portrayed the woman as a creature perfectly crafted by employing various poetic devices and through symbolism. In the poem, the woman has been depicted in an angelic light and has been spoken of with great admiration that the reader is made to feel that the woman is indeed a delusion of the persona in the poem.
Through the use of explicit words and statements the poet describes the woman as someone perfect and makes the reader go through the feeling of bewilderment. When the persona calls her “A dancing shape, an image gay, To haunt to startle and waylay.” We get to know how mesmerised and utterly confused the persona is by the woman. The persona first describes the woman as someone so extraordinary that she seems like an image
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For example when the poet says “I saw her upon a nearer view, A Spirit, yet a Woman too!” the reader gets to know that before this the poet was describing the woman from what he saw when he did not know her or was not even near her. With each stanza of the poem, the persona gets to know the woman better and then shares his perception of her. With each stanza the reader gets to know how the woman in the poem can manage household and control her emotions with simplicity. Wordsworth has used punctuation effectively to share his thought process and his reaction of getting to know a Woman. He uses punctuation marks to show his surprise when he gets closer to the woman and finds her a spirit and a woman as…show more content…
A clear example of this is when the poet uses “strength, and skill” to describe the woman’s personality. With the help of this the poet tells the reader that not only is the woman physically attractive and graceful in her movements but she is also intellectual and strong headed.
The woman’s innocent nature is described with the help of syntax. The reader sees this when the poet uses the words “steps of virgin-liberty”. The words have a strong connotation of the woman being innocent and carefree in her nature. Virgin-liberty tells the readers how innocent the woman is and she does not know any wrong in the world and how due to not knowing anything she is free of any bounds therefore can do anything she wishes for or wants.
To conclude, Wordsworth portrays the woman’s perfection using various techniques like poetic devices, diction, structure and sound. The poem talks about how the persona sees a woman who he finds angelic and due to that compares her to an illusion. The poem is about his story about getting to know that woman and better and how with every time he gets closer to her he finds out something new about her like her emotions, dominance or nature which keeps adding onto the woman’s perfect perfection in the persona’s mind. When the reader goes through the poem, he is made to believe that the woman is perfect with the choice of words and the woman’s nature
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