The Woman Who Had Two Navels Analysis

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Heidi Grace M. Superada BS in Biology The Woman Who Had Two Navels Nicomedes “Nick” Joaquin Paperback: 40 pages Published by: GRAPHIC HOUSE (1963, 1st edition) Nick Joaquin. 1963. The Woman Who Had Two Navels. Prose and Poems. 128-167pp. Language: English Synopsis: Pepe Monson, a Filipino horse doctor in Hong Kong, stood stunned as half-sane Connie Escobar appears at his doorway, demanding to surgically correct her two navels. He asserts he only does horses but she insists as her life “depends on it”. She tells Pepe her absolute lies – that she’s thirty and she has just married and ran away to fix her “two navels”. Astounded by her lies, he cautiously listens as Connie recites her childhood tales. “When I was young, I thought that everyone had two navels. I was walking with my doll, Minnie, when I decided she needed a wash and so we sat down by the pond. But as I was taking her clothes off, I discovered that she has only one navel. I comforted her, crying as I promised her I would keep her and tell no one about her.” Pepe shares the worsened condition of his father from a short trip back to the Philippines with Paco Texeira, a Hong Kong boy and the bandleader of Tex’s Tune Technicians, who is a grade-school classmate who have been married to Mary Texeira. Paco narrates his dreadful experience in Manila, bumping into Señora Concha de Vidal and having, at the very least, an unconsolidated affair with her. He adds his mishap of meeting and flinging with Señora’s daughter,
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