The Womb In Titus Andronicus

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The word womb tends to hold many meanings throughout the play, Titus Andronicus. In a woman’s womb, it is known as the center point of the beginning of a new life. It cares, nurtures, and feed us in the early phase of life. However, there were specific moments in the play, where the womb was symbolized as a dark black hole that consumed up life. Also, this idea as a gaping, devouring organ who swallows up life. From looking upon the OED, ‘Womb’ is defined as “The abdomen or abdominal cavity of a person or animal; the belly/ also the anterior wall of the abdomen; and the uterus” (n). One of the memorable passage I have been drawn into is the lines Martius has said, “Reach me thy hand, that I may help thee out, or wanting strength to do thee
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