The Wonder Woman Feminism

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There has been a strong movement stirring among the masses for generations now. Women are actively fighting for equality in a land that promises it. Moreover, every movement possesses some sort of symbol or image to represent their cause. Interestingly, some members who identify with the Women’s Right Movement have incorporated the fictional superhero character Wonder Woman to accomplish this. With this development, it could be reasoned that the revitalizing of this comic book character has spurred a new passion for issues relating to the rights of women. Accordingly, this leads me to my claim, which states, “The integration of strong, female characters into “hero” roles within the Marvel cinematic universe over the recent years has had a positive…show more content…
With any superhero, however, the narrative and characteristics adapt to the time that events occur. When Wonder Woman was first created, she was based off the growing feminist movement in the early 1940’s (Williams). Obviously, many things have changed and transpired since her inception. Yet, even in her old age of 75, Wonder Woman has crept her way back into the spotlight. Last year, the film was released and received much praise, but not everything was positive. Shortly before it’s release, Wonder Woman was named an honorary ambassador for the United Nations in order to raise awareness for gender rights issues (Canva). Wonder Woman was unfortunately dropped from the position because some people did not think it was entirely appropriate for a fictional character to assume such a role. However, the general consensus remains, progress. Another critical article reads, “my hope is that a new age for Wonder Woman is dawning. Perhaps she is finally entering a point in her history in which what makes her so radical — her unabashed feminism, the female-oriented nature of her origin, her unerring compassion — is built upon rather than derided.” (Bastien). When women start to be treated like equals in art, that could signal a change in thinking and a reason to acquire hope for positive growth in the coming years ahead. The ideas that Wonder Woman portrays within the film triumphs and breaks through barriers that are hard to dissemble. Women can be super too. The modern day universe of masculine supermen needs a fresh version of something even more powerful,

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