The Wooden People Vs. Creek Analysis

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phonetic alphabet was created by The wooden people vs. Creek Myth, “a traditional story, especially one concerning the early history of people or explaining some natural or social phenomenon.” (Now that is a dictionary version of what myth is and it makes it seem like myths are just stories that people made in the past and believed in.) Although most myths were made to explain the world around people, myths also have themes or lessons in them that can teach people lots of things even in today’s societies. “The Wooden People” (A Mayan creation story) and the Creek creation story, both explore the theme of being ignorant resulting in punishments that has been bestowed upon humans or things like humans.…show more content…
This quote from “The Wooden people” ,“Their faces were crushed by things made out of wood and stone” (19). The quote shows that “The Wooden People” were crushed by stones which is not possible and so is an example of personification. Stones and wood are non living things that cannot move or harm someone unless it is done by humans on purpose. Similarly, an example of personification is found in the “Creek” myth, “Things went well with the animals and the Earth, but after a while the animals complained of the lack of purpose in their life” (creek). In this quote it shows that the animals complained to the Creator of how they did not have anything to do, but animals are living creatures that cannot talk in the first place. Correspondingly, another example of personification being used in the myths is, “Everything spoke, their plates, their cooking pots, their dogs, their grinding stones, each and every thing crushed their faces” (The Wooden People 19). This quote shows how personification is conveyed in myths and how “The Wooden People” gets punished by non living things. Personification in both myths presents the ignorance of humans as it gives the non-livings human like
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