The Woods In John Atwood's Among The Hidden

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Tone Of The Story The woods was the only safe way to get out doors, but with the new rich neighbors moving in, there was nothing but darkness. The population law destroyed luke 's life by making him live indoors with the shades down and the dark colored room. In “Among the Hidden” there is a very dark tone and it really affects his life. The dark tones are the wood being cut down, the darkness of his room and the windows that are never open. Luke feels left out and should have a choice to be a citizen and go outside no matter what the law says. The tone in the “Among The Hidden” is sad and lonely.It is sad and lonly because Luke is forced to stay inside a black room with no windows or light. The darkness of his room explains the sad and scary tone. “He hadn’t left the house in a week now, and could almost hear the outdoors calling him.”(Haddix p24) The author really explains how luke had no fun and never sees the light. “But now he wasn’t even allowed in the same room…show more content…
His room is very dark with no window, but in the other rooms with windows there is an even darker tone. Luke is not allowed to go outside at all since the new neighbours moved in. But Luke 's dad really stretched the limit and told Luke he was not even allowed to be in the same room with a window in it. That is a motif in “Among the Hidden” and shows the dark tone. Luke’s dad makes the tone even more dark“ Luke what are you doing!! The window is open, get in your room!”(Haddix pg32). Luke’s dad loves him but he is kind of like a bad guy in this story. The window is the only outside contact that he gets and that is taken away from him. It 's gotten so bad that he sits on the bottom step during breakfast. The windows that ALWAYS have the shades down sets a really dark tone, every once and awhile Luke likes to peek out them so he does not go insane but it 's really hard to do so because he does not like to disobey his
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