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They performed on day two of the Woodstock festival. They started at 10:30 in the morning on Saturday the 16th. They played for 95 minutes. Their equipment squashed the turnable stage. Then the rain started flooding the stage. The band kept playing until they were forced to come off the stage. It was a thunderstorm and they had to take the band off in fear of them being electrocuted. They finished around midnight because of all the breaks due to the thunderstorm. Their set was Influenced by Blues, Jazz, Country, Folk and of course Rock ‘N’ Roll, they used to stretch their compositions to incredible lengths, improvising solos and lyrics. Their songs got delayed because of the storm so there were long breaks between the song. Their end song was “Turn on your love light”.…show more content…
The Grateful Dead was an American rock band formed in 1965 in Palo Alto, California.They were one of the most important bands of the Psychedelic era. They broke all the rules while slowly building their career from ballrooms to arenas and going all over the country. They learned to approach their music as improvisational. They let their imaginations explore and improved it. Their first album was called Anthem of the sun. One of their early band names was Mother McCree 's Uptown Jug Champions, a string band that played blues, folk and good-time music.By may 1965 they renamed themselves the Warlocks and took a more electric approach. Then they found that there was already a band named the warlocks, and called themselves the grateful dead. The name suggested itself when Garcia opened up a dictionary and his eyes fell upon those words. “It was a truly weird moment,” he later noted. Implicit in that name was the promise of adventure and risk qualities that would become hallmarks of the Grateful Dead’s approach to

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