The Words-Deaf Girl: The Power Of Words

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Words have made peace, ended wars and started wars among nations. Words can cause the loss of hope to accomplish one’s ambitions and visions or words can provide one the strength to overcome the most challenging difficulties. Words can improve or take away one’s sense of purpose, one’s freedom and even one’s self esteem. Words can be negative or positive; either way, one cannot keep from being touched by them. Words and phrases have also been used to distinct groups of people.

Negative words can have long-lasting consequences that spread far beyond the person who is being bullied. An anonymous once quoted, “Sticks and stones may break my bones, but words can never hurt me,” but words do hurt. Words hurt adults as well as children. Many times children or teens do remember negative words or remarks, especially from important family members or friends and how those words seriously disturbed their self-esteem throughout life. Words do have a deep meaning, which is why
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People with disabilities by nature are frequently closely tied to the medical field and become labeled by what he/she cannot do. It has been displayed that with positive reinforcement and encouragement, the things that seem difficult are often possible and the goal is sometimes surpassed if given the opportunity. This is especially true for people with disabilities. In the YouTube video “The Power of Words – Deaf girl,” the words have a positive effect on an individual. A simple Post-It it saying “you are still beautiful” makes the girl feel that her disability cannot keep her from being beautiful and intelligent. Asking if one needs assistance and showing a friendly smile are examples of ways people can contribute to the quality of life for one another. Dreams can be accomplished and fears can be overcome simply by using the right words in a positive
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