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In The film “The Words,” produced by Brian Klugman and Lee Sternthal. It stars three people which are Jeremy Irons as the old man, Bradley Cooper as Rory Jansen, and Zoe Saldana as Dora Jansen . This film contains three genres in it which are drama,mystery, and romance. It was released on September 7 , 2012.
For a long time people have been plagiarizing to be successful or to simply find a quicker way to write something. Even though many people don’t ever get caught , it does not make it morally acceptable because not only are they not using own ideas, but can get into a lot of trouble doing it. In the film “The Words,” a man by the name of Rory gets a suitcase as a gift on his honeymoon and finds the old man’s story and publishes it his
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Rory published the Old Man’s story without knowing the many struggle and pain the Old Man went through. It was hard for him to lose his story and to come upon it to see that someone published it as their own made him a bit angry because they didn’t know the truth behind his writing he became saddened when he recalled the events that happened such as when his daughter passed away, it was hard for Rory to understand what he did once he knew the reality behind his story and to try and repay him with money just wasn’t enough for the Old Man, the only thing the Old Man wanted is to tell the meaning of his story and show Rory the pain he went through in it.
It was a bad idea for him not to tell his wife that the writing in his laptop wasn’t his because he ruined the trust he and his wife had after he confessed of it not being his writing she got really upset it made her lose trust in him because she thought that he had finally showed his full potential in the writing. But it ended up being someone else’s work.He would’ve been better off struggling to get published instead of risking his life and relationship with his wife because even though they stay together it’ll be hard for her to trust
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