Work Life Balance Essay

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WORK LIFE BALANCE I am just wondered if the work / life balance is possible? Does it look like a balance between working life is just one thing we need to achieve? If your answer is yes to one of these questions, you are not alone. Defining the balance of life is a mental and physical effort as the same work and effort that you spent for the rest of your life. It is a balanced relationship between time spent on work and activities related to work and time spent in structuring your lifestyle, like friends, family and leisure tasks. Why is that so important? What we have to be as part of the phenomenon that exists in a much broader context. The world is always present at work, the challenges of work / life balance are global, thus it is natural…show more content…
Low rank workers at the base of the organisational hierarchy are sometimes not entitled to certain services and benefit applicable to top level managers or are not informed of the relevant company policy. A proper work life balance can help both employers and employees on the long run, to achieve healthy lifestyle and increase their productivity at work. What is so great to have a job and a private life? There is some positive break between working hours. I think they are more productive and efficient in the long run. Taking time off work can relax the mind and body as mentioned above. It will focus more if needed - during working hours. It can also improve your whole lifestyle and your relationships with other people. Try to get close to family and friends, new things and enjoy your free time, feel comfortable and improve your mental state. These authorities generally makes you feel better about yourselves and therefore to improve the way you work and improve your careers. How to accomplish a work life balance Well, we are committed to a definition, importance and benefits of the concept. How can we put it into practice? I have quoted some points under which I have tried to use some of those who
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