The Working Environment: The Work Environment In The Workplace

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The work environment is basically related to the people where physical setting, job profile, culture and local labor market condition occur. Each of these aspect is interlinked an influence on employees overall performance and productivity but they are not necessarily important for the betterment of work environment.

A broadly accepted hypothesis is that improved workplace setting motivates employees and produces better consequences. According to the Sundstrom (1994), the majority of the people spend fifty percent of their lives within indoor environments, due to which their mental status, actions, abilities and performance are greatly influenced and it is also observed that when people who have been working in an undesirable condition may end up with poor performance and rather come across quite with health problems.

Additionally, rather than emphasizing on the root cause of the workplace problem, the center of attention is on symptoms of disengagement such as distraction, lack of interest, poor decisions and high absence. Perhaps, the working environment is one of the major root causes of employee’s engagement or disengagement so most of the organizations have been trying new and innovative designs and techniques to construct office buildings which can attract more employees and make their work more valuable for them. As noted by the many researchers, efficient management system and the physical layout of the workspace is playing a major role in boosting employee’s

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