The Working Poor: Invisible In America By David K. Shipler

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Critical Review The Working Poor: Invisible in America David K. Shipler is a book that could be most accurately described as eye-opening. Shipler opens up the book on his claim that “nobody who works hard should be poor in America.” America is built upon the idea that the harder one works, the better off one will be. Shipler then goes on to explain how the poor, often times, work the hardest jobs and are put into the worse conditions, but still do not grow to become the most successful. Using their lives as examples, Shipler illustrates the struggles the working poor face while attempting to escape poverty. Although he does make his claim and spreads awareness about the working poor, Shipler does not really go into detail or provide solutions on how to solve poverty in America until the last chapter of his book. Shipler interviews working poor Americans and tells their story in their own words to displays the true struggles that those in poverty face. Every individual story is unique, shocking, devastating, and heart wrenching as they spark sympathy and heart break within the reader. As a result of human struggles, addiction, hard work, little progress, and helplessness, one may feel moved and frustrated by the self-destructive decisions that some of these individuals make. In the Introduction and beginning chapters, Shipler takes on the myth that Americans greatly benefit from the great effort they put in at work. He points out that much of today’s poor work difficult and

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