The Works Of Langston Hughes During The Harlem Renaissance

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Langston Hughes was one of the most prolific writers during the Harlem Renaissance. During this time, there was a major innovative outbreak in literature, music, and art. Harlem was a predominantly white society, and African Americans were finally being recognized by the White Americans. Although, they were being celebrated for what they produced in literature, art, and music, they were still not accepted among the white society. African Americans thought that since they were being celebrated, that they would be accepted. Yet, they were nowhere near acceptance because the one thing that divided America was color. It was and is a problem when one is black in America. Hughes wrote one of his most popular pieces of work during this time, a poem …show more content…

The first point I believe Hughes was conveying was on a personal level, orating to the reader about their dream or dreams. We have these dreams or goals that we are designated in life to accomplish. They are something that we intend to accomplish but we do not end up doing so or we just simply have not gotten to it yet. Something ends up interfering and ceases us from accomplishing our dream. Sometimes we allow people to come in and differ our dream. We allow family, friends, enemies, and even intimate relationships to take us off track and we become blind to our ultimate goal. There should be nothing else in the world more important than one’s dream and it should be set as the number one priority in one’s life. If not we end up with this heavy load and try to attempt to do what we should have done years ago. We become so distracted that we look upon our lives and ask, “how did we get here?”. To this point where one’s life has not progressed even though time has. In regards to our personal dreams, deferment leads us through a path that was not meant for us, eventually leading to our own demise or even

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