The World Isn T Flat Analysis

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1. Introduction
Brief Overview on : "Why The World Isn't Flat" and "The World Is Flat"
I) Why The World Isn't Flat
This article "Why the world isn't flat" is written by well established Pankaj Ghemawat who is an economist, author, global strategist, professor and speaker. In this article, Ghemawat challenges Friedman's bestselling book "The World Is Flat" claiming the statement "world is not nearly connected or globalized" as majority of Population tends to believe.
Author believes that world lacks true global connections and focuses on the true lacking of the Globalization in such a ways as imbalance between large and small, poor and rich. This is the biggest problem in the world. Such things like 'local' nations is no longer, now they are
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The fact is that 90% of fixed investment around the world is domesticated and which is never reaching 80% or lower than it. So, only 10% is invested only for the purpose of international trade.
• A Strong National Defense
In his second section under the subtitle "A strong national defense", he claims that even there have been significantly low barriers at the borders, they have not disappeared completely. As we have become globally integrated world, however he believes our lack of communication hinders globalization.
• Turning Back to Clock
In the last section under the subtitle "Turning back to clock", Ghemawat explains about future where globalization is possible to restore today's society. For his idea which is true globalization, one cannot buy in idea of Flat World and use it. He also believes that " we are more wired but no more global" which explains lack of physical interactions between one
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