The World: The Most Beautiful Country In The World

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Many travelers and backpackers have spent a great deal of their time and money traveling around the world, and some people are very doubtful about why those travelers and backpackers do so. Actually, the more you travel, the more you will realize there are just so many places more to visit. That is simply because the world, by its nature, is very beautiful, and some places will form a unique exciting experience and memory for the travelers. However, those places are even more special when combined with the amazing cities their local people have built. And, according to many travelers, the top 10 best beautiful countries in the world would be:


The first beautiful country in the world in our list now is Indonesia. Indonesia is a small country, comparing to the rest in the list. However, Indonesia is among the most popular tourism destination of the world. Indonesia does not seem to have the best developed cities, but it does have the beautiful beaches on Bali Island. The world has recognized that Bali has amazing beaches which showcase very well the natural paradise on earth. And, as well, there are many amazing tourist attractions to visit around Indonesia. That is why it is listed as one of the most beautiful countries in the world.


New Zealand is another popular tourism country. It is known best as having the most beautiful landscape view of the snow and the mountain. Many travelers have noted that traveling through New Zealand is an

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