Personal Essay: A World Without Fish

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A World Without Fish

I want to keep fishing, I want my children to keep fishing and I want their children to keep fishing, but how will they do this if there are no fish? How will anyone fish if there are no fish left? At the rate the aquatic life is being caught and the ecosystems are being destroyed there will be no more to catch in the big blue backyard. Worldwide fish stocks and marine life are being driven to extinction.

There are endless opportunities and hours of fun to be had in the water. Many memories are made on the shore but who wants to sit on the sand eating chips, without fish, who wants to laugh and play on the beach without swimming, while meanwhile the water is harbouring dead fish, lifeless coral and pollution.

I love
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Sharks, dolphins, turtles, seals and seabirds all get tangled in these nets, as by-catch, with no way to get out. Some of the animals that are caught die, either while they’re being dragged along the bottom of the ocean or when the fishermen bring them on deck and don’t put them back fast enough. FAO experts assessment concluded that there are roughly 27 million tonnes of global by-catch for every 77 million tonne catch. This statistic means almost 1/3 of every catch is by-catch.

Fish populations are on the decline, no thanks to carless fishermen and their pollution. Some nets get snagged on the bottom and the fishermen couldn’t care less. They don’t take the time to cut the net open, let the fish out and try to pull it up. Instead they cut the net off at the boat, and unless the fish fight their way out, they get dragged to the bottom, trapped, alone, unable to survive, while the fishermen above laugh carelessly and start the cycle again.

Fish provide 7 billion people with almost 15% or more of their dietary animal protein. Fishing provides families with hours of fun, trying to see who will get the biggest catch. Currently if we keep catching fish the way we are, fish stocks will be significantly depleted. Many commercial boats go out every
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