My Brother: The Worst Day Of My Life

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Did you ever have someone who meant everything to you? Well, when I was a little kid, I had my older brother who was my everything. He would teach me good from bad, care for me, buy me stuff, play soccer with me, and love me. Though, the worst day of my life came, and he was gone. Back when I was 9 years old, my favorite thing to do was stay home and watch tv. My older brother would always go outside and play soccer. There were times when he would beg me to go play with him, so I would. He was the one who taught me how to kick, skills, and many other stuff. Though, he would always put me as a goalie and I would have to black his kicks. Sometimes, he would kick with all his power and kick me right in the leg. It would really hurt, but I didn…show more content…
It was a normal morning like the rest. My mom, Andres, Rogelio, and I were in the living room watching a movie. When suddenly, Rogelio received a text message. While he was reading it, he smiled big. He looked up and ask my mom this, ¨Hey mom, can I go to the river with my friends?¨ My mom answered no,but he kept on begging her to say yes. So, she finally gave in and said yes. He was so happy and, so he went to go get his clothes and was going to head out. My mom stopped him and gave him the blessing. I was playing in my video game, but I called out,¨ Aren 't you going to say bye to me?¨ Though, he already left and he did not hear me. Now that I think about, I totally regret not going after him to give him a goodbye…show more content…
My mom went over to check the mail so I went with her. Right when she grabbed the mail, she got a call. The worst call ever. She picked up and said hello. On the side of the line, a boy was calling frantically for her to go to the river because my brother was somewhere lost in the river. I can still remember her worried face and frantic scream for us to go. Another bad thing was that Rogelio took the car and my dad took the other car to work. So we had no other option but run to the river. The river was about 2 minutes away on car but it would take us longer since we were running. Half way there, a car stopped in front us of and took us to the river. Once we got there, there were plenty of policies and people. My mom ran crazily to the river and tried to look for my Rogelio. Andres went after her running too. I was going to run after but, one of Rogelio´s friend stopped me and told me not to go. I stayed there looking and crying for my brother. I remember me praying to God not to take him. Time passed but there was still no sign of him. My cousins took Andres and me to my aunt 's house which was right close front the river. It was getting dark, and my mom nor people came to give us news. It was around 8 and finally my cousins came for us. They told us to get in the car and they were going to drive us home. On the way home, I asked him if my brother was okay. They didn´t answered my question. Once we got home we saw a

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