Racism In Society

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Racism is a big problem which is being faced by almost every society all over the world. When two men from different races meet then this social issue develops. It is from the very first day and it is very easy to view the differences caused by racism. Race distinguishes people on physical characteristics and it is very obvious that people form many races live together within a same society. For example in most of the western countries whites and black live and work with each other. On the other hand it depends on the degree of presence of race within the population. Majorities have an influence on the minorities. Now in the developed countries due to laws and regulations, the problems which had been arising from the racism are now lowering…show more content…
Some places in Britain with a high figure of African, Asian and European folks. In places where there is a non-white societies and communities’ people believe that there are far more non-white people than there really are. So in 1981 in United Kingdom the total people was 58 million and hardly there were 3 million of the population of non-whites. In 1998 the entire population of UK was 60 million and 4 million was non-whites. There were only 7%, representing that the racial population is not growing and an expediential rate as some may consider it to…show more content…
Young people and fresh minds do not see discrimination as a problematic situation and they can look outside the concept of someone’s skin color. Inappropriately however there is a possibility of a child who is likely to nurture up around individuals who will mark explanations and look at black and Asian people as being dissimilar. People are usually racist due to their background and upbringing environment. When a child grows up then it depends on his parents that how well they treat and educate their child to develop a positive thinking about this social evil. Racism is a deep rooted social issue and it can be only solved by arranging an understanding and to respect each other in terms of cultural values, religion and other practices. When people speaks different languages then they cannot communicate their opinions. In this complex environment, racism and ethnicity develop its roots further. (Wilson,
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