The Worst Effects Of Racism In British Society

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Racism is a big problem which is being faced by almost every society all over the world. When two men from different races meet then this social issue develops. It is from the very first day and it is very easy to view the differences caused by racism. Race distinguishes people on physical characteristics and it is very obvious that people form many races live together within a same society. For example in most of the western countries whites and black live and work with each other. On the other hand it depends on the degree of presence of race within the population. Majorities have an influence on the minorities. Now in the developed countries due to laws and regulations, the problems which had been arising from the racism are now lowering their effects. Same in British society, due to education and awareness, people are now well informed about the worst effects of this social problem (Castells, 1996).
In the case of ethnicity the groups can be identified on the basis of their common genealogy or ancestry. There are several groups who shared cultural values and traits. Religion is the most important factor here. When people have a common religion then they develops and put themselves into the common ethnic groups. Group history and backgrounds impose a particular impact on the ethnic groups. In some cases they do not possess the same language and with the passage of time some other properties like values and morals start deviating from the old habits and rituals. Ethnic

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