The Worst Mistake's A & P

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It is a common thing for a normal person to try and impress someone that they feel is “better” than themselves. People all run into situations where they face someone else who is more popular, rich, or better looking than themselves. In the short story “A&P,” a teenage boy names Sammy is gawking over a girl that is in the store he works in. Readers see how observant Sammy is, and also how immature he can be during situations. I have also made my own bad decisions. People tend to go out of their way to impress someone else, even if it means they have to do something they will regret in the near or distant future. As Sammy is at work, a group of three girls walk in the store. He is in awe of the head of the group, Queenie. He is so observant that he even speaks about the pattern of her bathing suit and the details of her tan lines. Sammy seems to be a little intimidated by the way that…show more content…
I have been playing softball all of my life, and originally planned to play at the collegiate level one day. I played every season without a break, due to travel ball. My father worked with me day in and day out for years, but all of a sudden, when I was a sophomore, I decided I did not want to play anymore. So one day I talked to my coach and told him I would not be back. I worked for my whole life up until that point and impulsively decided to quit. I was not thinking about my parents, teammates, or even myself. I wanted to stick out and be able to say, “I quit because I did not like my coach.” This was my “Sammy” moment. I regretted my decision very soon after. Seeing all of the pictures of my friends in their uniforms made me jealous and upset about my decision. I wanted my friends to think that I was not afraid to quit. My dad tried to talk me out of quitting, but I did it anyways. Lengel also tried to talk Sammy out of quitting by telling him he did not know what he was doing. “You don’t know what you’re saying”
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