20th Century British Fantastic Novel

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Rusen Loredana The Twentieth Century British Fantastic Novel
Group 7, III B Course tutor: assist. dr. Eliana Ionoaia
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The reflection of earlier models of the fantastic novel in the 20th century fantastic novels

This essay focuses on how earlier models of the fantastic novel and also what other elements influenced the 20th century British fantastic novels, beginning with ´myth, folktale, and fairy tale.´(Rabkin, 27) According to Rabkin, myths are the oldest of these categories and „serve as subjects of art long after the myths have been superseded as explanations.” As the society evolved, those myths became rather forms of entertainment and secondly, explanations. As a consequence, folktales are produced. These folktales are basically the same as myths, except that they are not sacred. Fairy tales are the best known and among the
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The story concerns an awkward pupil at a boarding-school for witches, who faces a scheming rival student. Her professors include a kindly and elderly headmistress and a bullying, raven-haired potions teacher. Murphy has commented on her frustration at constant comparisons between her work and Harry Potter: "It's irritating … everyone asks the same question and I even get children writing to ask me whether I mind about the Hogwarts school of witchcraft and pointing out similarities. Even worse are reviewers who come across my books, or see the TV series, and, without taking the trouble to find out that it's now over quarter of a century since I wrote my first book, make pointed remarks about 'clever timing' – or say things like 'the Worst Witch stories are not a million miles from J K Rowling's books'. The implications are really quite
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