The Worthy And Unworthy Worship In The Bible

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a. The Worthy and Unworthy Worship Worship is about God and for the glorification of His name; it is a celebration of love that gives life and empowering to His people, who worship Him in righteousness through obedience. Specifically, worship involves abandoning oneself to God as an offering that is being represented by his sacrifice to atone for his sin. Significantly, people come to His presence to verbalize their deep affection for Him through such an ardent worship. The Bible delineates that God shows unreserved favor to those who faithfully love Him with all their heart, soul, and strength (Deuteronomy 6:5); but on the other hand, God hates and curses those who do not love Him and worship Him selfishly. The Bible provides people an inspiring…show more content…
The Bible substantiates that in the beginning, God’s people were in direct communication with God, who manifested himself as spirit. They would normally hear His voice to give them divine guidance, warning and instructions on how they should live, worship and maintain their relationship with Him. (Genesis 4:7). Adam and Eve loved and feared God; thus, Cain and Abel learned and developed their faith through their teachings and instructions. (Romans 10:17) Furthermore, they were trained properly to worship God through an offering. An excellent example of worthy and unworthy worship in the Old Testament is that of Cain and Abel since it is the first arresting message of God in Genesis after the fall man and persuasively an essential message of redemption. Both Cain and Abel worshiped God but approach it differently. Remarkably, Abel loved and feared God most of all in his life that he carefully obeyed all His instructions and requirements for worship, while Cain selfishly worshiped God according to His will and presumptions. Abel, in awe of his creator, offered

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