The Woven Analysis Essay

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The Woven is a painting created by Lisa Labarge. This contains the medium charcoal and soft pastel on paper, 40x 27 inches. The painting is located in studio Gallery 234, Pennsylvania, York. According to Labarge, the Woven is a painting that crosses the boundaries of classical and non-classical. Moreover, she specified that the Woven can be made with marble in a classical style. The frame that surrounds the painting follows a more of a gothic style. The Woven is a painting of a corpse which is constructed with many shapes and lines that makes the painting seen as a three dimensional piece. Moreover, the lines within the painting create different patterns which help viewers to connect, visualize, or see the painting. Starting from the head is a crown that is created with…show more content…
The focal point is a massive circular shape that is located at the center of the corpse's chest which is also made with different circular patterns and many other shape patterns. Outside of the patterns are parallel lines that keep the patterns together in order for the viewers to not track of the focal point. The artist uses a different variety of lines such as implied lines, and expressive lines to make the painting more active and live. The implied lines show different emotions, and feelings that the artist is trying to express onto his or her viewers. The figure in the painting seems as it is showing remorse while at the same time, it’s trying to stay still while not trying to endorse to much emotion on the viewers. The artist uses negative and positive spaces to create depth and space within the painting. As I stare at the painting, the first thing I notice is how the artist uses light and dark to create balance. Further, above the corpse is a lantern that reflects light more on the right side as it creates shadows on the other side because of its position which gives the painting a more of a chiaroscuro setting. The different shades help the painting become more
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