The Wreck Poem

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Sometimes one reads a poem and it makes no sense. Reading a poem can be challenging, especially in a fast paced culture like ours, because a poem needs time. In a poem, the poet does not reveal the meaning that is behind his words immediately but rather brings the reader on a journey through images, metaphors and style. Poets express sentiments or paint a picture on a page and invite the reader to experience their own feelings and emotions also. To do so poets follow or choose a style this is determined by a set of rules. The two poems discussed in this essay are ‘The Wreck’ by Don Paterson (1963- ) and “My Galley” by Thomas Wyatt (1503-1542).
The areas which will be explored in this paper are describing the structures of the poems. And how it with the rhyme scheme it affects the reading and understanding of the text. Both texts will be interpreted in light of the information. Finishing with the tone in which the poem has been written.
‘The Wreck’ is an open couplet poem. In open couplets the sense is free to run on through to the next line and the sentence might end mid-line (Wainwright 2011, p220). The open couplet poem is a bit disconcerting as the meaning of a sentence is not revealed until you find the full stop. This style of writing poetry comes from the Renaissance period, and a well-known example of this writing style can be found in Chaucer‘s (1342-1399) ‘Canterbury tales’. The couplets do not always rhyme which is also typical of this type of poem. The poem
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