Summary Of The Three Musketeers

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The writer of The Three Musketeers is Alexandre Dumas. He is a French writer born on 24 July 1802, he died 68 years later on December 5 1870. He is the son of Marie Louis and a famous writer called Thomas- Alexandre Dumas. They took their last name “Dumas” from their African grandmother. Thomas Alexandre fought in Napoleon’s army. He was the first colored man to become a general in European army. Due to a disagreement with Napoleon, Thomas left the army and was out in prison for two years. He died after he being released from prison. Marie had to take care of Alexandre alone. She put him in Abbe Gregerois’s school to educate him but he left school for a job. He educated himself by reading many books. By reading many Spanish books he learned Spanish.…show more content…
Alexandre became very famous in Paris, everyone knew his novels. His father was a heroic character which inspired him to write heroic stories.The Three Musketeers is about how heroic these three men and D’Artagnan are. They set an example to people just as much as his father did. He really enjoyed writing heroic and adventurous stories and used his father’s past as a motivation to his stories. The Three Musketeers is about a man called D’Artagnan who had a dream of becoming a musketeer. He was a poor man from Gascony in Southern France headed to Paris. He had a letter of introduction that he had to give Monsieur de Treville. On his was a man made fun of him, they started a fight then that man’s friends helped injure D’Artagnan. The man took his letter and left. D’Artagnan couldn’t do anything about it so he proceeded his journey to Paris. When he reached he went to Treville and told him everything. As he was explaining he sees the man from the window and goes down to return his paper. While chasing the man he smashes into the first musketeer, called Athos and they decide to have a duel at noon. D’Artagnan continued chasing until he ran into
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