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Survive with Survival The writing process is a complex and intricate art. Many people struggle to understand the process for their entire lives. The writing process ensures that any paper written using this guide will be a well composed and complex paper. To help students better understand the writing process a book entitled Survival was composed by Robert M. Frew and Nancy A. Sessano. Both Survival and Wisconsin Lutheran High School have an in-depth writing process, which also explains the basic structure of an essay, and the writing process was used frequently while composing an investigative research paper. First of all, the writing process has three phases. The first of which is called the planning phase. The planning phase can also…show more content…
While in the planning phase, I took several days to research my topic. I believe that taking a long time to research and read materials about my topic helped me when it was time to write the paper, because I acquired so much knowledge about my topic. Also in the planning phase I developed my outline as well. Writing an outline was extremely helpful because whenever I was unsure of what to write next, I just looked back at my outline. The only thing I did not do during the writing process was use note cards. I decided to take notes the way I always have by printing off my sources and writing down important facts. This process worked great for me, and I had a very easy time finding all of the information in my notes. Secondly, when it was finally time for me to enter the writing phase, I did what Survival suggests and wrote the first draft all the way through in a matter of six hours. This really helped me compose a great first draft because my thoughts were able to flow freely for six hours without any interruptions. Lastly, I knew that the final phase of the writing process was going to be the most important for me, since I have struggled with editing in the past. To ensure a good grade on this paper I self edited countless times. In addition to self editing, I also had several teachers, peers, and my parents edit my paper. I believe that my use of the writing process helped me excel on this paper. Without a clear set of steps it would have been hard to complete on time. Overall the writing process is extremely valuable to

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