Peg Tyre The Writing Revolution Summary

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To Write Well or to Not Write Well In the article The Writing Revolution by Peg Tyre, the far too common unfortunate example of a school system failing to equip its students with the proper writing skills necessary to be successful students is examined. While this failure is a phenomenon that ails students worldwide, I was fortunate enough to receive a high school education that excelled in this area and helped prepare me for college and beyond. The first method my school used was to assign mandatory writing assignments every week, which forced me to practice repeatedly and prefect the skill. Additionally, on each assignment my teachers provided me one-on-one meetings to discuss the paper content, which allowed me to receive personal feedback…show more content…
While the typical high school course reads include young adult literature, my school made reading that the college level a top priority in writing classes. Advanced readings including theoretical texts and philosophy as well as complex personal stories were all mandatory to both read and included in papers. By reading and understanding such complicated texts, my school found that students too started incorporating new vocabulary and complex sentences into their papers. My school did not offer AP level writing courses in literature or language. However, upon the end of student’s third or forth year of earning they were all adequately prepared to take these exams regardless and score above average marks. The importance of reading for high level writing was no doubt not lost in the case of the New Dorp school system as they believed, “Literacy, which once consisted of the ability to read for knowledge, write coherently, and express complex thoughts about the written word, has become synonymous with reading” (Tyre). Thus, as they continue striving to improve their writing and exam performance making sure to include meaningful, thought-provoking, and difficult piece of literature will be super…show more content…
Writing is involved in the mechanics everything people do including school studies, employment applications, and recording thoughts. However, even though writing is so important and commonly used, unlike speaking or picking up the lyrics to one’s favorite song, writing needs to be learned in order to be done properly. While the New Dorp school system is a far to common example of a underfunded school that lacked in the writing department even after its reforms despite making real progress, I was fortunate enough to learn from a high school that provided me with the highest standard of writing teaching. By having weekly assignments, personalized meetings, and difficult readings, my high school graduates leave with the skillset needed to write well in all aspects of their
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