The Wrong Boy By Suzy Zail: Character Analysis

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Suzy Zail’s work of the Holocaust based historical fiction, The Wrong Boy, shows us how the main character, Hanna, survived this tragic wartime due to her resilience and courage for herself and most importantly the people she loved throughout the 256 paged book. The novel portrays the struggles that each key character, inside and out of the concentration camp or ghetto, had experience in their life or even just in the time of the Holocaust.

Hanna, one of the many people who were captured by the Holocaust, is definitely a survivor. Her survival strategies were not only smart but truly moving. At the very start of the novel, Hanna is a brilliant and talented young girl whose life revolves around a Piano Forte. She had a family who supported
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Courage cannot be found easily and even throughout the novel Hanna had to be reminded a couple of times of times why she shouldn’t give up and why she shouldn’t let the actions of the other German’s take her courage. Hanna was very lucky because she was chosen to audition for the Commandant’s pianist and despite the amount of other Jews that tried out she stood out because of her courage and determination “I’m here because I play piano. I’m here because I am good” – Hanna. This quote stood out when the word ‘courage’ was mentioned. She showed a side of her that made everyone around her realize that she is in it to win it and that she will not give up to people like the Nazi’s that want the Jews to lose hope. Hanna’s courage shines through her and through the people around her as she faces life in the Holocaust.

Hanna definitely survived the Holocaust not only because she was resilient and courageous but because she had the motivation to survive. “Look after each other … and get home safe. And when you do, tell everyone what you saw and what they did to us” – Papa. Hanna survived to not only tell her story but to also show everyone that you can survive due to courage and resilience. Suzy Zail wrote an excellent novel and showed everyone that Hanna is a

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