The Yadkin River Basin

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The Yadkin River is one of the longest rivers in North Carolina. The Yadkin Pee Dee River Basin is North Carolina’s second largest basin. It is very important to a variety of habitats and has been the site of human civilization for at least 12,000 years, earning it the nickname of the ‘‘Tigris and Euphrates of the Carolinas.’’ It was formerly called the Sapona River, after the people that originally inhabited its banks, until the name was changed between 1709 and 1733. The size of the Yadkin–Pee Dee’s North Carolina watershed is 7,213 square miles, and the river is 435 miles long. There are 81 North Carolina municipalities within its river basin, including Wilkesboro, Salisbury, and Lexington. In the early 2000s the area had a population

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