Yamasee War Essay

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The Yamasee War
When the colonist settled in North America, conflict with the Native Americans began and they never ended. The Yamasee War was one of many conflicts. The Yamasee was a bloody war that killed over 400 colonist in South Carolina. The colonist vigorously stole, lied, and forced the Yamasee into slavery. To not be viewed as weak the Yamasee raided the colonist homes and plantations to kill and destroy them and their property. This led to small militia's of the colonist fighting back. Their strategy was to raid and stop Yamasee raid. It took two long years, but the war ended. To officially end the war, many tribes signed a peace accord. This pushed the Yamasee along with more tribes down to Florida, where they joined the Seminole …show more content…

. . out of Hell,” and their allies against the small militias of South Carolina who was mainly made up of farmers, merchants, traders, supporters from Virginia, North Carolina, and their Indian allies (The Yamasee War). It was a war not seen coming. The Yamasee were tired of being mistreated by their ally, while the colonist just wanted to make money not friendships, so they mistreated the Yamasee and thought they could get away with it (Slavery in Indian Country: The Changing Face of Captivity in Early America). That is why Yamasee War was a war not seen coming. Thomas Nairne along with John Wright traveled to the Yamasee town of Pocataligo to find and fix problems in trade, but the Yamasee wanted nothing to do with fixing these problems. On April 15, 1715 Thomas Nairne was heaved to the town square where he saw his last breath. The Yamasee killed him and it was a terrifying death as this example proves “They bound the trader to a post and pierced him with scores of lighted splinters, which slowly burned him to death.” this declaration of war also was praised by abutting tribes (Slavery in Indian Country). This was the official start of the Yamasee War, consequently the war was mostly in the favor of the colonist from here. It was a week after the assassinations and the colonist struck back, they sent warriors to the Yamasee …show more content…

George Craven once again is leading the militia and is trying to commence an attack on the Cherokee and Catawba. On their way the militia obtained word that more than 500 Apalachee Indians had attacked New London, but because of it being fortified the Indians could not do much damage, in result the Indians resorted to destroying plantations. They eventually withdrew and destroyed the bridged before the militia could cross the river. When the governor showed up, things changed like in this example from Samuel Eveleigh’s description “the Govr. at that instant had marched the Army to Zantee [sic], however, he returned back on the first notice upon his approach the Indians fled over Ponpon Bridge and burnt it having killed 4 or 5 white men. We have not since heard from them.” (The Yamasee

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