The Yellow Brick Road Analysis

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Poetry today conveys different messages that speak differently to every person. In America, today poetry helps us choose our own path in life. People feel like they can relate to something; it helps them feel like it’s not just themselves in their own world. People feel a sort of comfort reading poetry that pertains to them. Poetry is a way to get across different feelings and views of things in an abstract way. Some poetry speaks louder to certain people more than others; society likes to connect on a personal level. For me, the song, “Yellow Brick Road” by Elton John had me connected on choosing my own path in life. The Song “Yellow Brick Road” has a lot of poetic meaning in it that takes a couple of times to listen to and to understand.…show more content…
He states, “We can wrap this up by taking the main line, "Beyond the Yellow Brick Road." The Yellow Brick Road leads to Oz - a city of pure superficiality. All glittery, but very little substance - the Wizard himself being a metaphor for the life of empty wealth. I kind of see the singer comparing himself to The Wizard, in fact. A country-boy, elevated to prominence, then giving it all up to fly back to that poverty. In other words, "Stop worshipping me! I 'm breaking free of this life-style” (Larrikin). This caption is similar to what I got out of the song, the song portrays Elton wanting to get away from all the superficiality of what fame should offer and just wants to go back to his simplistic lifestyle. This critic also talks about the significance of the quote, “Where the dogs of society howl” and what importance this quote has; ““Where the dogs of society howl," paints a really good picture of someone being surrounded by morally vapid people, just clamoring for a "piece" of the singer.” (Larrikin). His understanding of this quote is that Elton is bombarded by people who are shallow, no good people that just look for any ways to get an advantage by associating themselves with Elton. This validates that Elton John is finding his own path to happiness and is not doing what other people want him to
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