The Yellow Cow Franz Marc Essay

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Franz Marc creates a very unique way of symbolizing emotions through the use of color in his paintings. On one of this more famous painting The Yellow cow, Marc uses a cow to represent how he felt in the second marriage, safe and secure. When paying attention to the colors, the yellow represents feminism and the blue stands for masculinity, and when focusing on the cow leaping over the rocky landscape, it displays a mood of bliss. Franz was born in 1880 and in 1900 Franz began studying at the academy of fine art in Munich. He spent a couple years in France studying painting to develop techniques. While there he met with many artists and got some ideas. When he first started, he used a naturalistic academic style but a couple years later came to a more modern approach. In 1907 started to be interested in Vincent van Gogh 's work and was a big influence on him. Marc and Kandinsky made a group called Der Blaue Reiter and they came up with the idea that mystical energy is best revealed through abstraction. He usually painted animals but was also interested in painting the “first” people and the mentally ill. The cow represents safety and security Franz felt in his second marriage. He uses a cow…show more content…
That is referring to his marriage as well as the paragraph above. According to the article “Yellow Cow” (2017) “For Marc, different hues evoked gender stereotypes: yellow, a ‘gentle, cheerful and sensual’ color, symbolized femininity, while blue, representing the ‘spiritual and intellectual,’ symbolized masculinity” (para. 2). He used colors that is said to be known and a “stereotype” to give off a certain feeling as to what he wishes people to get from his painting. By using colors that people have a good sense as to what they stand for, it is easier to understand the point that Marc is trying to get across. The whole cow is yellow for women and there is a tint of blue on the back of the cow for
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