Yellow Fever: A Viral Disease

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Since biblical times, God has sent plagues because of man’s sin. Yellow Fever was not one of them mentioned in the Bible, but is on the same magnitude as the Egyptian plagues. Yellow fever is a viral disease that is caused by a mosquito bite. These mosquitoes are the “Aedes Mosquito.” The first U.S. outbreak was in the late 1690’s. Nearly 100 years later, the refugees fled to Philadelphia. In 1793, another outbreak occurred in Philadelphia. In the end, 5,000 had lost their life. Eventually, a cold front hit and knocked out Philadelphia’s mosquito population and the death toll fell to 20 a day. The last major U.S. Yellow Fever outbreak was in New Orleans in 1905. More than 41,000 people died from the years 1817-1905 in New Orleans. 1905 was…show more content…
Rest, fluids, and pain relievers are really the only thing you can do. People are taken to hospitals though to receive support treatments also. To prevent the disease, you can receive the vaccination and avoid mosquitoes. Apply repellent and wear proper clothing to avoid mosquito bites. Also be aware of the mosquito’s peak hours. You must receive the vaccination at a special clinic. When you travel out of the country to a country where the disease is prevalent, you will sometimes be required to have a vaccination certificate. As of 2018, there are only 35 confirmed cases of Yellow Fever. 20 of those cases led to death. These cases were in Brazil (which is a tropical area) where Yellow Fever is prevalent. As you can see, Yellow Fever is not completely defeated, but thanks to vaccines, mosquito control, and good healthcare, Yellow Fever isn't a serious plague anymore. We have control over its power as long as we control the vectors and can treat with modern medical practices. The scourge, Yellow Fever has been banished to the history…show more content…
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