The Yellow Wallpaper And Desert Places Essay

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A common theme within KOBG, The Yellow Wallpaper, and Modernism is alienation. This is evident by the narrator’s isolation in The Yellow Wallpaper, alienation of the individual from his own society and the criticism of his society in King of the Bingo Game, and the feeling of isolation the narrator feels in Robert Frost’s Desert Places. Firstly, in The Yellow Wallpaper the narrator is believed to be ill, but her husband and brother don’t believe her. For her to be isolated from society, the narrator is moved to an empty house to recover from her “illness” by her husband. As the days go by and the narrator gradually begins to obsess over The Yellow Wallpaper, she has believed to gone more into insanity. What makes The Yellow Wallpaper have…show more content…
The scenery is breathtaking, but the only objects that catch his eyes are the “few weeds and stubble showing last.” (stanza 1); therefore, indicating the narrator’s undesired appreciation for the scenery. The feeling of isolation progresses into stanza 3 with the phrase “And lonely as it is, that loneliness Will be more lonely ere it will be less – A blanket whiteness of benighted snow With no expression, nothing to express.” Stanza 3 expresses the isolation the narrator feels towards nature with a bland description of the snow falling onto the field, conveying emptiness within the narrator, and the mentioning of a scene set in the winter with a landscape; relating to the narrator’s own complex feelings of loneliness. In conclusion, alienation is the common theme found within The Yellow Wallpaper, KOBG, and Desert Places. The alienation in The Yellow Wallpaper conveys isolation with the narrator because of the ignorance she had felt within her own family; alienation within KOBG was conveyed from the crowd, who had grown impatient with the narrator’s lack of realization, causing there to be no support/connection with the black audience for the narrator, and alienation among the narrator in Desert Places was the symbolic setting within the
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