The Yellow Wallpaper 'And Sonny's Blues'

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The Elements of A Good Story What makes a good story? Oftentimes writers encounter questions like this and start to wonder about the writing essentials of a good story. As many skills and beautiful words that make up a captivating story, it will have to be one that makes connections to the readers. Only when readers are able to make a connection to their experience or values, they start gaining from the story. Through creating conflicts, conveying the theme and a relative background, the writers of “The Yellow Wallpaper” and “Sonny’s Blues” fully express their values and thoughts by the “bridge” between readers and them. As a plot is essential to story writing, the conflicts in stories “The Yellow Wallpaper” and “Sonny’s Blues”…show more content…
Just as the yellow wallpaper symbolizes gender inequality, escaping from the this cage of discrimination and oppression on women springs the rising of feminism. At the end of another story, the narrator is able to grasp an understanding of Sonny’s values and struggles, along with a salvation of his own. For all this time a seemingly rebellious and depressive figure of Sonny is illustrated, a soul of freedom and his values are conveyed in the music. Contrastingly, despite of a stable life of being a middle-class high school teacher, the narrator is trapped in Harlem both physically and mentally. Unlike Sonny, escaping from the neighbourhood of “boiling sea” that’s filled with people of rage and depression rarely seems an idea that occurs to the narrator ’s mind. Out of so many characteristics, a relevant background adds the depth of a good story. Without the male-dominated society, the escape from the yellow wallpaper may be plainly viewed by readers as insanity. Analogously, readers must know that in a time before the Civil Movement, discrimination against the black is still a lifetime threat, that is why a depicted neighbourhood of poor and decadent would not seem odd at the
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