The Yellow Wallpaper Argumentative Essay

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1) Steinbeck give us a lot details about Elisa’s preparation for her evening out because he wanted us to know how much excited and happy Elisa was for her night out. At first, Elisa felt a little overwhelmed of how she looked like and what she should wear. She then find back her confident and dress-up as the best as she could. She was looking pretty for the night out because she wanted to renew the passion and love she had with her husband. Moreover, Elisa wanted to see if she was still as pretty she was by seducing her own husband.
2) Although, the essay “The Swimmer” is not one of the best essays I have ever read, it still a good essay overall. I like the storyline because it’s really realistic, and easy to read. This essay resemble a lot
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People are capable of doing bad stuffs no matter where they lived. In short, we should be all be careful because when things look good, it does not necessary means they are good.
5) "The Yellow Wallpaper" is really an impressive short horror story. The short story is really impressive and really scary because as I read the story I try to put myself at the woman’s place and it’s not funny. I felt how awful and how scared the woman in the story would probably feel. The author did a good job on this story because it’s very unique and unpredictable. I would recommend this book to people who are fascinated by fiction and horror books.
6) Knowing that the short story “Everyday Use” is written by a black writer does not influence my reactions about this short story at all. First, we do not all think alike, so this black writer can have his own opinions about life. Moreover, this story is totally fine to be write by a black person because this story just tell about the heritage of African-American based on a family history. I do not think this story is in any kind of way offensive or rude to any culture. This Shot story is well write and is really an interesting story to
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