The Yellow Wallpaper Depression Essay

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Patronized Depression Could it be that the cause of sin and madness is due to the limitation of the human mind? In the short story “The Yellow Wallpaper,” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman tells the story of a young women who tends to distract herself by trying to free the lady inside the wall. However, this figure might not only be the thing Jane or the narrator might want to free, as she is clinically depressed, and is constantly being patronized by John her husband, who seems to limit Jane’s interaction with other people and her personal diary. The Yellow wallpaper is seen as a way to escape her depression. In this story the role of Jane is limited due to her “Condition,” and her ability to express herself. From the beginning of the story Gilman,…show more content…
The worst part of was that in there was the 1882 Married Property Act that when a women gets married she has to pass on all her wealth, and virtually there life to their husband (Women and the Law in Early 19th Century.) In the case the sacrifice of Jane is to “relive the press of [writing],” the only thing that seem to keep her at rest. However, the real reason for the downfall of the narrator is that her condition becomes worse due to the fact that there is a mysterious room that keeps calling her, and she will not stop thinking this place as this room symbolizes her isolation that she from society. The cause of the down fall of Jane is really the fault of John because he for the most part wants the narrator to stop thinking about her episodes, but in reality that only makes her think of her depression even more she is “nervous weakness.” And the worst part is that she cannot escape John even if he goes out to help his patients. In this story John is a physician, and most importantly a man both combined makes a controlling “dictator” that could drive any person crazy or to something

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