The Role Of Isolation In The Yellow Wallpaper

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Isolation is Unhealthy for the Brain and Body Isolating from the public allows so much of a difference to be made in mental health which leads to physical health. Without public interaction, humans will not have the estate of normality. Isolation is destructive to the body. In “The Yellow Wallpaper” ,a short story, and Social Disconnectedness, Perceived Isolation, and Health among Older Adults, explains how mental health generates to physical health in a way that is very invidious. Social isolation is not only unhealthy to younger adults, but it also causes older adults to feel socially disconnected and seemingly isolated. Throughout the world many people take on the role of social disconnectedness. Being socially disconnected causes problems mentally which then leads to physical issues. In the short film “The Yellow Wallpaper,” the main character, Jane, was isolated from the public. Her husband, a doctor, shut her into a room by herself to help her “nervousness,” but in…show more content…
However, perceived isolation allows people to feel loneliness, stressed out, and have mental problems. Perceived isolation will also affect physical health through its impact on mental health. In the article, “Social Disconnectedness, Perceived Isolation, and Health among Older Adults,” Erin York Cornwell explains, “Results indicate that social disconnectedness and perceived isolation are independently associated with lower levels of self-rated physical health. However, the association between disconnectedness and mental health may operate through strong relationship between perceived isolation and mental health.” This shows how in society today people will be mentally impacted and later physical health will partake. Additionally, isolation is dangerous for the brain and causes the body to react awfully. Isolation is one of the damaging
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