The Yellow Wallpaper Monologue

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I can 't get out of this box. The last time I looked out my window I saw meadows. Long, far, empty meadows. Living on the great plains has it 's benefits, but those meadows are ruining it for me. I keep my head away from the window. When I wake up I see the light reflect off my peeling wallpaper. I 've been sick twelve times this year and theres just something about those meadows. I remember the horizon curving from the green meadows, the ground yellow with pencil marks of green. The backdrop, dark clouds with blue outlines. The whole scene looked like a blur, maybe it was just the windows. If I squint really hard I can see the cross, her cross. The one I made for her last year. The first year of her last year. At a distance you can see the…show more content…
Only one without brothers or sisters, or parents would feel as belonged as you." By now Mary was biting her lip. "You married John because he was your safe choice in life. You could have had other choices and other destinies." The taste of salty blood was in the corner of her mouth. "Your husband... He wronged me. He escaped from me. He was supposed to be mine. Everything in life that he saved up for was lost and taken from him. I took it from him. I can take you now." Mary being by herself in an absent house with this stranger was a hell. I don 't know how she survived since she stopped right there, her speech trailed into quiet words. A mumbling that was faint and scratchy. She pulled out a gun from her purse. She raised it at me and the horses at the barn had their stalls open so they were walking around us. I know who the man was and I couldn 't have stopped him. I lost my wife and she shot me in the arm, I fell backwards and she stood over me. I heard a shot. I didn 't know heaven was to look just like my barn, with a door ajar to the yellow plain. I looked backwards and in the shadows of the loft a man walks out. The man walks out, and he was looking straight at me. He said, "Your full house is no more, your horses running off and your

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