The Yellow Wallpaper Oppression Of Women Essay

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Kevin Mathew The Yellow Wallpaper-Feminism/Oppression of Women 12/14/15 Feminism is defined as women have the same human, and social rights as men. In other words, that women should have the same opportunities and chances as men in their choices with their career, and most importantly back in the day politics.
The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Gilman was written during the 19th century, which was known as the time women were nothing compared to men. Women were known as the wife/ and mother of the home, nothing more, nothing less. On the other hand men were the ruler of the house, the educated ones, and the ones who work.
The book Yellow Wallpaper, is telling a story about a women struggling and going psychosis in a room. The book is happening during the time where men
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This could be a symbol of the discrimination that women go through, and that it can only be seen under particular circumstances, and during certain times. When the story mentioned the main character’s destroying the wallpaper and walking over her husband, it most likely symbolizes as freedom. Even when she broke the glass ceiling it can be seen as women trying their best to break free, and away from the discrimination.
There is a line in the Yellow Wallpaper that states "But I know she was studying that pattern, and I am determined that nobody shall find it out but myself!" I feel like in this part of the story, it’s trying to explain, how other people are seeing that women are trying to step up and change everything, and the women in the story is trying her best to find the best possible solution in order for men to realize women should have the same choices and rights.
During the back end of the story, John faints, this part to me feels as if the men are surprised to seeing women putting their feet down and not backing down, and is trying to end the
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