The Yellow Wallpaper Setting Analysis

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In the short story, “The Yellow Wallpaper” by Charlotte Perkins Gilman, the author presents the setting in a medical institution in which the story is mainly told. The time period takes place in the 1800’s, and the narrator’s thought process and critical behavior becomes more evident throughout the story. The medical institution evolves around the narrator’s state of mind and Gilman establishes the setting in a unique way by expressing the qualities of the “nursery room.” To continue, various attributes relating to the setting, pertains to mainly focus on the narrator’s interpretation in an intriguing way. The setting of the story influences the narrator’s insanity and mental illness, and provokes a sense of confinement and isolation. Throughout…show more content…
She mentions the bedstead that is nailed onto the ground and the canvas mattress that is on it. This shows the expression of imprisonment and the remotion that she is controlled from. The author also conveys the patterns on the wallpaper to describe the nursery room. The intricate design of the yellow wallpaper is impersonating the narrator and reflecting on her own self. Furthermore, the practical idea of the medical institution was to keep her away from becoming more ill, but in the end, it was rather destroying her more as she faced the truth of the inner reality of her life. Finally, the short story concludes with the narrator still trapped inside the secluded room. The setting emphasizes the narrator’s life by showing internal graduation of frustration that was going through her mind. As a result, Charlotte Gilman provided evidential clues from the text to distinguish and make clear of the setting. “The Yellow Wallpaper” verifies the understanding of the setting and cultivates the perspective of the characters. In conclusion, the narrator loses touch with her sense of identity as she maintains in a medical

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