The Yellow Wallpaper Vs Story Of An Hour Essay

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In “Story of an Hour” and “The Yellow Wallpaper” the authors describe the marriage of two different women. They show how the two main characters, who both happen to be women, were treated in their marriage. These stories describe how some women were treated back then even though only few might of been treated the way these two were. Whether it be good or bad these two marriages gave a viewpoint of the women being treated in a poor way to most people. While people see bad in both I can pick out good that come from "The Yellow Wallpaper." I will explain the good in "The Yellow Wallpaper, but the bad and the similarities in both pieces. First of all, I would like to explain all the good in The Yellow Wallpaper. As I re-read this story I found many examples on how the main character has a good marital status. One of the good quotes I find while going through this piece is "He is very careful and loving, and hardly lets me stir without special…show more content…
Now it may be clear in Story of an Hour that Mrs.Mallard did not have the best marriage. Most people may get this idea when the author writes "When she abandoned herself a little whisper word escaped her slightly parted lips. She said over and over under her breath "free, free, free!" In The Yellow Wallpaper readers can pick out a few things that she describes as a bad marriage, but I didn 't pick out that they might of possibly had a bad marriage was at the end of the story. On page 783 Charlotte Perkins Gillman writes "I 've got out at last," said I, "In spite of you and Jane. And I 've pulled off most of the paper, so you can 't put me back!" "Now why should that man have fainted? But he did, and right across my path by the wall, so that I had to creep over him every time!" This might of gave a feel that she did not care about her husband, but only because she did not do anything to help him when he fainted. She left him lying on the floor walking over him every time she went
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