The You I Ve Never Known Puritan Quotes

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The You I've Never Known “Two whole summers, one complete grade, well, that’s a record, and I’m praying I can finish my junior year here too” This quote from The You I’ve Never Known was said by ariel talking about living in one place for awhile. Ariel is a 16 year old girl who has never really had a home. She’s spent most of her life living in a car with her dad till they finally settled in one place. The Puritans would despise the novel The You I’ve Never Known due to the characters’ weak family values, sinful lives, and lazy actions. The book The You I’ve Never Known has very weak family values, which would cause the Puritans to disapprove of the novel. Ariel’s dad speaks badly about her grandparents. He says she only needs him. Her dad claims they aren't good people and he wants nothing to do with them. Ariel’s dad has made sure she never meets any of her family. Her father is constantly avoiding the topic of family. He’s made sure that they move around enough that no one can find them. Her father claims that her mom ran away when she was two year old to be with her girlfriend. Ariel’s dad calls the mom a “whore”,…show more content…
Ariel questions her sexuality. Ariel is in love with her female best friend. Later in the novel, she meets a boy named Gabe who starts to flirt with her and she starts to like him. Ariel comes to the conclusion that she is bisexual. Later on in the story she has sex with her best friend which starts to become her girlfriend. She eventually cheats on her girlfriend with Gabe. Ariel lies and sneaks around to drink and smoke weed. Her and her two friends hid behind her house and make sure to plan how long her dad will be gone so they can get drunk and high without being caught. The puritans followed the bible very strictly. They believed every word in the bible including that the same gender should not lay with each other. Also drinking and smoking was
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