Adelina Amouteru Character Analysis

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Adelina Amouteru, the main character of The Young Elites Novels, develops throughout the books as a villain affected by various known forces of society. The girl’s past involves discrimination from the world and even her family. All the bad influence as a child leads her to fight for one of the good forces of society, justice. Justice, however, turns into revenge when she suffers through a series of events. Adelina portrays both the despicable and honest powers that exist in a common society, such as being judged by her appearance and true identity. Adelina Amouteru had suffered discrimination her entire life because of being a malfetto, survivor of the blood fever with markings, and this caused fury and fear to develop on the character. Her father and the rest of the society thought malfettos were “demons” that should not exist. This type of racism is a display for the many times the world has shown hatred to different races such as Apartheid or…show more content…
The character’s past was traumatizing because of all the discrimination she had to endure, this is an exhibit of a bad force of society that has been seen in history before. Adelina’s prior experiences provoked her to find justice but while doing so she was betrayed and this was the cause for her to find revenge. Revenge is portrayed in the books as Adelina tries to be a good leader and save malfettos, this, however, affects the character by making her a soulless villain. Adelina Amouteru is a display of many conflicts there have been in history demonstrating some of the good and bad forces that can be seen today affecting the society. As the author Marie Lu stated on page 120 “In the good years, they wine and dine, laugh and love. In the bad years, they draw their swords and slit each other’s
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