Beowulf Analysis

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"Beowulf, the oldest of the great long poems written in English, may have been composed more than twelve hundred years ago, in the first half of the eighth century, although some scholars would place it as late as the tenth century." The story of Beowulf shows his progressions from the young warrior hero into the mature king hero.

The literary and historical background of Beowulf is incorporated into this text. Beowulf, because his story is so old can be argued to be the father of many heroes throughout time. Either it is one purpose or because the traits that make up Beowulf have just become the "standard" for any heroic person. The literary background of Beowulf is an Anglo-Saxon (Germanic) Saga. The text was composed at the 9th century
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The first part of the structure shows multiple conflicts and concerns. The genealogy shows power in this text. The ritual boasting versus Unferth who is a drunk and a nobody, encounters a swimming contest where Beowulf is underwater for five days while he was defeating monster where he feared nothing and fought through wild monsters. After this inicient there was the combat. In the combat Beowulf fights Grendal with his bare hands, not a sword. Grendal never faced this before and Beowulf locks his arm up and than Grendal goes home to his mom. Also in the first part of the plot structure the feasting, storytelling, and gift giving was a big part. Beowulf went into a pond and disappears for days. When he returns to the top of the pond he decapatates Grendal's head and removes his limbs. Than Beowulf is gifted with jewlery and treasure as he than returns home to own the king with all the treasure. It was almost like he wanted to show everyone what he did and what he got for doing it. This also encountered the Finsburg Episode.The second part of the plot structure is briefly describing the glory of Beowulf and the dragon. Beowulf never said his age, but he was roughly in his seventy's. He was a hero and very powerful. The fight between Beowulf and the dragon started as Beowulf stole a piece of the dragon's gold. This made the dragon awaken and showed the monster threat of his firey breath and his large size. This still could not stop Beowulf, he is the master of fears. At the end of this plot structure he wanted the treasure to be brought to him to show what he won from this "final glory." He was than buried and they added his treasure to the legend/himself. His life was well lead. He had courage, loyalty, braveness, showed generosity to the king and his own men, and achieved
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