The Youngest Doll Analysis

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Rosario Ferre, a Puerto Rican feminist writer, wrote “The Youngest Doll” in response to the myth of the Pandora. (Encyclopedia Britannica) This legend is of a woman named Pandora, who opened a box her husband told her not too, unleashing mayhem onto the world. (Encyclopedia Mythica) In this legend, women are the cause of issues, whereas in contrast, Ferre scrutinizes men as the cause of issues. Ferre delves into the idea of gender roles and status power through the relationship of the youngest niece, the young doctor, and the doll. This paper will argue that ‘The Youngest Doll’ is a short story centralized on discussing exploited women in failed marriages. This will be exemplified through a close reading of the excerpt after which the young doctor marries the youngest niece, up until the “night the doctor dug up all the ground around the house.” (6). This argument will begin with an analysis of…show more content…
Recalling the legend of Pandora’s Box, and how this short story was written in response to that - Ferre’s feminist views were exemplified in this work. From the start of the story, to the latter half each relationship between a man and woman was misogynistic. Whether the relationship be between the older doctor, and the aunt or the young doctor and the youngest niece - Ferre’s story discusses cleary her views of exploited women.Not only is the exploitation of women common in society - it was extremely prevalent during which Ferre wrote “The Youngest Doll” After conducting a close reading of excerpts from page five to page six, Ferre’s message became clear. From an analysis of the youngest niece and young doctor’s marriage, discussing the young doctor’s character as misogynistic, and exploring the doll as a physical manifestation of exploited women, key elements of femininity and gender roles encouraged a dynamic understanding this
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