The Youngest Doll Summary

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Reading Rosario Ferre's “ The Youngest Doll” states that women were treated like objects in 1970s Puerto Rico. Women have been oppressed and mistreated for the most parts in history that has been observed. The fight is still going on for equality, but back in the 1970s things were different and not the best for women's rights, although they were better than the years before that. In the story, as the reader reads, we are made to sympathize with the youngest as She is forced to sit outside so the doctor could show her off. ‘Each day he made her sit out on the balcony so that passersby would be sure to see that he had married into high society”(Ferre). This shows that a man would show of his woman the same way he would show off his new luxury…show more content…
In the story, we don’t see the youngest niece being rebellious until towards the end. It ends on a mysterious note and it seems like the youngest has exacted revenge for the mistreatment of her Aunt and herself. At first when she was married, she didn’t fight with her husband and did as she was told. She wasn't happy with her life, but she still she accepted her fate as not being the best. There are certain clues hidden throughout the story that ties together some missing plot points. Such as when the Youngest is being sent off and the Aunt gives her the doll and the youngest notices that it is warm. Maybe the Aunt had Planned the revenge part from the start and sacrificed her Youngest niece’s life to exact revenge upon the Doctor. “The Youngest doll” has been inspired by old Puerto Rican folklore, and it basically says that when people are pushed to their limits and have been mistreated enough, they will act out & get revenge.The story is really mysterious, the reader doesn't know if the youngest becomes the doll or the younger leaves and the doll are at home while the doctor looks for it. “The Youngest Doll” represents the female movement of how women are tired of being at the boot of men and they are going to fight back or exact revenge for their mistreatment for all these
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