The Yuan Dynasty: A Brief Irrelevance In China

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The Yuan dynasty also known as the Mongol dynasty, was considered a brief irrelevance in China’s long history. There are many arguments to say that the Yuan dynasty did in fact make its mark on China’s history. Whereas others argue that the Yuan dynasty was in fact, a irrelevance in China’s history that does not need to be as noted as other dynasties of greater importance. The Yuan dynasty came to pass after the Song dynasty was destroyed by the Mongols river battles and sieges against them. This was only the start of the Mongols reign and need of power. A reason to why some historians believe that the Yuan dynasty is a brief irrelevance is because, of the force and power that the Yuan dynasty showed had many underlying many weakness that lead to their failure as a dynasty. Some historians defend the Yuan dynasty and said that it was the environmental changes that affected the progress of the Yuan dynasty. The Yuan dynasty is considered one of the greatest and short lived dynasties in China’s history. Though…show more content…
There are many shows and movies conveying the reign of the Yuan dynasty including in the newest shows “Marco Polo” and “Hundred Eyes” which shows the life of Marco Polo and Hundred Eyes who were both alive and close to the rulers of the Yuan dynasty. This alone proves that though the Mongols did more harm than good and they were most defiantly not destined to survive, it did leave a mark on history. Though some can argue that the reason why the Yuan dynasty was a brief irrelevance is not only because of the short period the dynasty ruled but because of events that occurred after the Yuan dynasty fell. I believe that the era it is indeed not a irrelevance, it is more of a learning experience for not only the people of China at the time who experienced the horrid times but for the future and current generations to learn from and understand what worked and what did

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