Most Significant Achievements Of The Yuan Dynasty

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Yuan Dynasty

The Yuan Dynasty was a time when the Mongols ruled over China and unified China with its territory. Khublai Khan was the great emperor who ruled China during the Yuan Dynasty from 1271 to 1368. Khublai is the grandson of the famous Genghis Khan who was the ruler of the Mongol Empire. The Yuan Dynasty was the first time that non-native Chinese ruled all over China. According to Mongolian history, the Yuan dynasty is considered like a continuation of the Mongol Empire. Mongols and foreigners were taking over the more prominent and valued positions nationally and locally. The Chinese majority Han people were discriminated against in social and political aspects of life at this time in history. The Chinese were sometimes unhappy with
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Before the whole territory was unified during the Yuan, China was a country of separate states. From the Fanzhen separatist regions in the later period of the Tang dynasty (618 - 907) to the rivalry of the southern song (1127 - 1279) and jin dynasty (1115 - 1234) Chinese history has been characterised by conflict. This situation changed with Kublai Khan’s accession to the throne, when he defeated all the separatist military forces and unified them under a mighty centralized power system. Naturally, the unification of the lands gave a greater sense of togetherness between different ethnic minorities, thus strengthening the empire. They brought their techniques of production as well as their unique cultures and arts, which improved the economic and social life of people living in the central plains.
In conclusion, a great many factors made the Yuan Dynasty the most successful of the Chinese dynasties. Under a competent government, social and scientific thinkers in China during the Yuan Dynasty brought into place significant preliminary methods of doing things as well as technologies that still make the basis of their equivalents

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